Disability Mobility Initiative is inviting legislators from all 49 of Washington State’s legislative districts to meet with a constituent from their district who doesn’t have access to a car and uses transit, paratransit, community transit services or walking/rolling. Our goal is for legislators – most of whom have access to cars – to experience firsthand what it is like to try to navigate their district and access essential services in their community without that access. 

This is critically important as the legislature decides how to allocate funding in the anticipated transportation package. Even before the pandemic, transportation for funding all our transportation needs, outside of highways, has been severely limited by restrictions on our gas tax revenue and by Tim Eyman’s initiatives and the legislative response. For those of us who cannot drive or cannot afford to drive, this has created major barriers for us to access school, jobs, medical care, grocery stores, religious services and everywhere else we need to go in order to participate fully in our communities. As our elected leaders approach how to prioritize spending needs in the next transportation budget, it is critical they understand the current state of transportation access and equity in their districts. 

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WALeg Mobility Challenge