On November 8, 2023, the Trueblood Diversion Workgroup released a new solicitation for letters of interest, available here, from providers who currently or recently have: 1) operated housing for people with significant behavioral health conditions, or 2) operated programs specifically targeted to Trueblood Class Members. Letters of interest are due by December 6, 2023. For additional background and context, the 2021 Phase IV Request for Proposals is available here.

Diversion Funding for Service Providers

The State of Washington has paid many millions of dollars in fines for failing to comply with the Court’s Orders in Trueblood. In 2016, the Court ordered this money be used to fund programs that keep class members out of jail, creating a Trueblood Diversion Workgroup comprised of Plaintiff and Defendant counsel, representatives from DSHS, the Court Monitor Danna Mauch PhD, and an additional expert to assist Dr. Mauch.

This Workgroup has since identified and funded service providers from around the state who are working to divert people with mental illness and other disabilities from the criminal system. Since late 2016, the Trueblood Diversion Workgroup has released four separate Requests for Proposal and now funds multiple projects statewide.