Public Policy Research, Analysis & Education

Mekdes Abate
Public Policy Fellow

Mekdes is a fourth-year undergraduate student at the University of Washington Seattle Campus, majoring in Law, Societies & Justice, as well as Political Science. Mekdes is passionate about justice-oriented work and advocacy for marginalized communities. As a black woman and a first-generation immigrant from Ethiopia, Mekdes is dedicated to advocating for and working alongside her community. Previously, Mekdes had the opportunity to study abroad in Jamaica, where she focused on Disability, Ageing, and Development and witnessed the different ways in which disability rights advocacy work took place. The study abroad sparked her interest in disability rights advocacy work. Additionally, Mekdes was an intern for the Washington State Legislature during the 2020 legislative session, where she learned some more about disability rights work at the state level and the legislative process.

Preferred pronouns: she/her