Public Policy and Community Mobilization

Sunshine Cheng
Cross Disability Advocacy Network Coordinator

Sunshine was raised in Boise, Idaho and moved to Washington in 2019 to attend school. She is currently a student at Shoreline Community College, and has aspirations to one day attend and conduct research at the University of Washington. Sunshine is involved with student leadership, serving as student body president, and is interested in community mobilization and grassroots movements. She believes that disability advocacy is by nature intersectional and is passionate about challenging systemic injustice, beginning with educational reform. Sunshine is concerned with accessibility and inclusion in academia and is an ardent proponent of legislation and policies that are crafted by the communities that are most impacted by them. In her free time you can likely find her bundled up with a book somewhere or taking on the next adventure with her four-legged best friend.

Pronouns are she/her/hers