Shayleen Finley
Office & Volunteer Manager

Shayleen Finley (she/her) is the Office & Volunteer Manager and provides support to staff and their endeavors. Shayleen joined DRW in October 2020. Previously, she worked with the Colville Tribes as a Support Administrator for the IT Program. She helped run technology centers on her tribe’s reservation, giving access to technology and internet to help close the digital divide. Shay also is a two-spirit Indigenous artist. Using her art, she has helped contribute to charities and fundraisers for local communities and racial justice. She helped coordinate inclusive LGBTQIA+ paneling on her tribe’s reservation to help bring awareness and educate her community. Her passions are serving underserved communities and providing a helping hand to those in need. Shay’s hobbies include watercolors, PC Gaming, learning, reading, and cooking.