Treatment Facilities

Kimberly Mosolf
Director of Treatment Facilities Program

Kimberly is the Director of Disability Rights Washington’s Treatment Facilities Program, working on behalf of people with disabilities in hospitals, Residential Habilitation Centers, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities, among others.  Kimberly is lead DRW counsel for the class in A.B. vs. D.S.H.S. (Trueblood), which focuses on Washington’s forensic mental health system. She has also worked to improve jail conditions for people with disabilities and to decriminalize mental illness. As a member of the De-escalate Washington/Initiative 940 Leadership Team, Kimberly has also worked to improve de-escalation and mental health training for law enforcement and to reform Washington’s police deadly force law.

Before joining DRW, Kimberly practiced law in New York City where she worked on behalf of parents caught up in the child welfare system, people receiving government benefits, sex workers, and people with mental illness. Kimberly was born and raised in Seattle, WA.  She is a graduate of Columbia University School of Law.