AVID - Amplifying Voices of Incarcerated Individuals with Disabilities

Ethan Frenchman

Ethan Frenchman is an attorney with Disability Rights Washington’s AVID Program, working to investigate and litigate cases that protect and advance the rights of people who are incarcerated in Washington’s jails and prisons. Ethan has worked as an appellate and trial public defender and has taught as an adjunct professor at the University of Maryland Carey School of Law and the University of Maryland – Baltimore County. Ethan is the author of The Heavy Costs of High Bail: Evidence from Judge Randomization, 45 J. Legal Stud. 471 (June 2016) (with C. Hansman and A. Gupta) and The High Cost of Bail, (with A. Gupta and D. Swanson). Ethan graduated with honors from the University of Chicago Law School, where he received the Edwin F. Mandel Award for excellence as a clinical law student. He has a B.A. in History, Phi Beta Kappa and with honors, from the University of Chicago College.