Public Policy and Community Mobilization

Darya Farivar
Director of Public Policy and Community Mobilization

Darya received her BA in Communicative Disorders and minored in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from the University of Redlands. While there she learned about the criminal legal system and founded an on-campus diversity advocacy organization. After graduation, she found a job that combined all her interests- advocating for immigrants and refugees who have loved ones with developmental disabilities.

During her time at DRW, she has focused on the Trueblood settlement serving as the community and legislative liaison. Darya supported the passage of SB 5444, the Trueblood bill, by mobilizing class members, peers, and advocates to participate in the legislative process. She has since monitored Trueblood diversion programs, worked to ensure that eligible incarcerated people can vote, and mobilized disabled advocates and allies in the mental health community. Darya is serious about grassroots advocacy, fond of trips to Olympia, and is passionate about intersectionality and disability rights. She holds her Iranian heritage close to her heart, believes that social justice is a lifestyle and that movements are stronger together!