Public Policy and Community Mobilization

Darya Farivar
Director of Entrepreneurial Support

Darya Farivar has served in multiple roles at DRW, starting out supporting the Trueblood lawsuit, later becoming the Director of Public Policy and Community Mobilization, and now Director of the Entrepreneurial Support Team. Darya believes deeply that we must take direction from those with direct lived experience and not limit people to the expectations society has set for them. She earned a degree in Communicative Disorders and minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from the University of Redlands. After graduation, she found a job which combined all her interests, advocating for immigrants and refugees who have loved ones with developmental disabilities.

During her time at DRW, she was able to refine her policy expertise, sharpen her legislative advocacy skills, and create intentional space for those with direct lived experience to tell their own stories at tables of power. Darya now uses those skills in her current role at DRW and her other role as the elected State Representative serving the 46th Legislative District.

In her free time, she serves as a founding board member for the Washington Coalition for Police Accountability, volunteers for Iranian cultural organizations, and spends time in the garden with her rescue Pitbull, Dragon. Darya holds her Iranian heritage close to her heart, believes that social justice is a lifestyle, and that movements are stronger together!