Disability Mobility Initiative

Cecelia Black

Cecelia joined DRW as an organizer for Disability Mobility Initiative in 2023, where she works with nondrivers to fight for transportation justice. Prior to joining DRW, Cecelia has been active in Seattle’s housing justice space and is a member of Be:Seattle’s board.

Despite being disabled for much of her life, she did not engage with the disability movement until joining Access Living’s Disability Rights Action Coalition for Housing as a graduate student in 2014. After examining her own relationship with disability as an adult, Cecelia discovered photography and adaptive sports as tools to challenge disability representation. Her photography projects include, “Who’s the Caretaker?” and “Home.” In 2017, she began working with a community in Tibet to launch the first wheelchair basketball tournament on the Tibetan plateau. In 2022, Cecelia partnered with DMI to create “(De)Constructing: Access Tests,” a video-based art project about sidewalk accessibility. “(De)Constructing: Access Tests” was a Collective Power Fund recipient with exhibitions at 4Culture and The River.

Cecelia earned her undergraduate degree from George Washington University and a masters degree in public policy from University of Chicago. In her spare time, Cecelia plays wheelchair rugby and mountain bikes.