Entrepreneurial Support

Brit Nuckles

Brit Nuckles joined DRW as an advocate for the Entrepreneurial Support Program in September 2023. As someone who is disabled, they understand some of the difficulties faced by those with disabilities who want to join the workforce. They have had a variety of jobs before starting their legal career – as a house cleaner, retail worker, and as an assembler in manufacturing. These experiences in the workforce and their identity as disabled, queer, and non-binary provides them with lived experience that informs their work in the public service sector, particularly in employment. Employment is often necessary for those with disabilities to survive, and so they believe that those who have disabilities, particularly those who are people of color and/or transgender, should be leaders in fighting for employment equality.

They graduated from the University of Washington School of Law in 2023. During their time at UW, they interned with California Rural Legal Assistance (CRLA) as an LGBTQ+ Legal Fellow, worked at UW’s Federal Tax Clinic, and in the Seattle Attorney’s Office in the Employment Division. Working in the legal community has given them the ability to determine what barriers are faced in employment by those from marginalized communities.

Disabled entrepreneurs, despite working for themselves, still face issues of access in their employment. Brit believes that providing ways to navigate the barriers around entrepreneurship in Washington will reduce the unjust cost forced upon disabled people who participate in the free market.