Smart Justice Spokane is a broad coalition of over 30 organizations working together to end mass incarceration and eliminate racial disparities in our local criminal justice system. We organize and mobilize together for effective, restorative solutions that are driven by the experiences and needs of those impacted by the criminal justice system. The recovery and integration of those caught up in the criminal justice process is essential for a strong, healthy, and just community. 

Spokane Community Against Racism (SCAR) Platform for Change is a coalition advancing a vision of systemic change for the Spokane community that embraces a holistic vision of public safety. This vision reexamines what is considered crime, accounts for its root causes, and recognizes that shared prosperity and community care are at the heart of a healthy society.

The member organizations of Smart Justice Spokane and the Platform for Change coalitions are asking candidates to respond to the following questions. Your responses will be shared publicly. 

Spokane Candidates Questionnaire



As you answer the following questions, please consider the context of the passage and implementation of I-940, the 2021 suite of state legislation passed following the murder of George Floyd, repeated studies showing racial disparities in city and county law enforcement stops and arrests, and pushback and resistance from law enforcement.


As you answer the following questions, please consider the context of the 2013 Blueprint for Reform and the 2020 poll showing Spokane voters oppose a new jail and support raising sales tax to fund alternatives.
Please include your position on supervised/supported release connecting defendants with services – such as housing assistance, addiction treatment and mental health counseling — in light of this article: – Justice Task Force presentation PDF – see slide 4 for Guiding Principles and slide 21 for summary of recommendations and impact on jail population: – JFA Forecast Presentation to Justice Task Force

Services and community
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