Disability Rights Washington has attorneys and law student interns who provide Technical Assistance on specific information related to our ongoing systemic work and to people calling from treatment facilities. If you are calling about an education issue related to disability in school, Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF) or foster care related issues, supported living and waiver services, or your rights as they relate to a treatment facility, we have appointments and can schedule you with staff.

Technical assistance services include:

  • general information about legal rights;
  • strategies about how to become a stronger self-advocate;
  • community education and training; and
  • information sheets on a wide range of subjects that can empower individuals with disabilities to better advocate for themselves.

We focus our legal resources on major cases which will improve service systems for people with disabilities.


Disability Rights Washington’s phone answering hours are 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM Monday through Friday.

Please be aware that if you call our office when we are closed, your message will not be returned.

Voice: (800) 562-2702 or (206) 324-1521
Language interpreters are available via LanguageLine Solutions.
Please use 711 for Washington Relay Service (TTY).

Collect calls from correctional facilities are accepted.

DRW Education Technical Assistance
Appointments on 2nd and 4th Tuesdays from 9 am – noon by Zoom
Call 206-324-1521, 1-800-562-2702 to schedule
Language interpreters via Language Line Solutions
Please call 711 for Washington Relay Service (TTY)

U.S. Postal Mail or Fax

You may send a written request to us via U.S. Postal mail or by fax:

Disability Rights Washington
315 5th Ave S, Ste 850
Seattle, WA 98104

Fax: (206) 957-0729


Disability Rights Washington does not accept email requests for technical assistance services.

People sending email to Disability Rights Washington have a reasonable expectation of privacy.  However, Disability Rights Washington does not use encryption, and all email coming to Disability Rights Washington is routed through a third party internet service provider (ISP) before it reaches Disability Rights Washington.  Although it is unlikely that an ISP will intercept and review a message, it is a possibility, especially if a message is incorrectly addressed and “bounced back” to the sender.  Therefore, you may want to consider alternative methods of accessing our services if you are concerned about confidentiality.

If you need a communication accommodation please let us know so we may meet your individual needs.

Disability Rights Washington cannot provide direct assistance in the following situations:

  • Criminal law
  • Family law
  • Assistance becoming the guardian of an individual with a disability
  • Out-of-state issues
  • Workers compensation
  • General medical malpractice & personal injury
  • General consumer bankruptcy issues
  • Any issue or problem not directly related to your disability
  • Assistance finding employment, housing or financial assistance
  • Assistance filling out forms & Social Security applications
  • Anything that is not the wish of the person with the disability

Grievance Procedure

If you are denied, and/or not satisfied with DRW services, you may view information about our Grievance Procedure and Form here.

Advocate in a Timely Manner

Please be aware that there are certain time limits or deadlines to file a complaint, a lawsuit, or take legal action.  In addition, there are administrative requirements regarding the filing of tort claims against government entities that should be considered.

For example, a claim against Washington State must be filed with the state of Washington and the relevant state agency at least 60 days prior to a lawsuit against the state for damages.  Local governments may have their own timeframe and requirements as well.  The extra time for filing the tort claim must be factored in when considering the statute of limitations.

If you fail to act within these timeframes, you may lose your right to do so.  Please check with a lawyer to find out the specific timeframes and requirements for filing these claims.

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