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No Excuse for Exclusion: Segregation and Subminimum Wage at Rainier

October 2018

Download: No Excuse for Exclusion report (Word version)

Bundles of shredded paper sit on pallets with black garbage backs on top of them.
Shredding workroom at Rainier with bundles of shredded paper on pallets and a pallet jack ready to lift them.


In No Excuse for Exclusion, Disability Rights Washington provides a look into employment at Rainier, one of Washington’s state-run institutions where people with developmental disabilities live. The report shows people are excluded from working jobs that are integrated in the community, are paid subminimum wage, and are assigned tasks in isolated locations that are not individualized to their abilities.

The report compares the services provided to people at Rainier to services that are successfully used in the community for people with the same type of employment support needs. Despite being well aware that people with developmental disabilities can and deserve to be employed in community settings, in highly rewarding jobs of their choosing, making at least minimum wages, the state does not deliver supports to make that a reality for the people at Rainier.