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Washington’s Out-of-State Youth Plead: Let Us Come Home; Report and Recommendations

October 2018

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Exterior image of Clarinda Academy a large old 3 story building
Exterior of the Clarinda Academy in Iowa

Disability Rights Washington (DRW) has completed an investigation of Clarinda Academy, one of the many out-of-state institutions where Washington State has been sending foster youth with behavioral health needs. This investigation report discusses allegations by youth that they are subjected to verbal abuse and inappropriate/excessive physical restraints by staff.

DRW’s investigation found that this is a very restrictive and segregated institution where the policies, training, and oversight do not adequately protect against the risk of abusive restraints. Moreover, DRW found documentation of several physical restraints that failed to identify a justifiable reason.  We are releasing this final report with recommendations to remove all youth from this institution, and to eliminate the practice of sending foster youth out-of-state, where they are separated from their loved ones and are at increased risks of abuse and neglect.


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