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Entrepreneurial Support Project

What we do.

Why we do it.

People with disabilities fight to find employment and then they have to make the tough choice of whether to ask for accommodations while proving themselves worthy every day. They are subjected to society’s ableist low expectations about what is and isn’t possible and what they do and don’t deserve.

Disabled people are often given false choices between jobs that are low-income, often unfulfilling to the individual, and don’t leverage their skills or passion. They are forced to choose between jobs that keep them in poverty, so as to not upset the delicate balance of their social security and other benefits. There are few people who know that it doesn’t have to be this way. This is unacceptable, we want to highlight a different path, the path of self-employment.

Our goal is to help those furthest from opportunity realize their dreams, escape poverty, and not just survive- but thrive.

Who we do it for.

Disability Rights Washington serves all people in Washington State who identify as having a disability while prioritizing those furthest from privilege. The Entrepreneurial Support project focuses on serving individuals with disabilities who use Social Security benefits that are Black, Indigenous, or people of color (BIPOC) and/or are transgender or two spirit.

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