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DRW asks court for urgent relief to address DDA failures

August 30, 2019In their motion, Mr. Murinko and DRW argue that DDA’s failure to ensure he can access the services he had been getting and still needs is violating his rights under the Medicaid Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Read more at the link.

WA Supreme Court admits attorney to the state bar, after previously being denied entry without explanation

July 15, 2019In May, DRW joined The Arc of the United States, The Arc of Washington, The Arc of King County, Washington Autism Alliance & Advocacy, The Autistic Self Advocacy Network, and Disability Rights Oregon in filing an amicus brief in support of an attorney with autism who was twice denied entry by the state’s supreme court to the state bar without explanation.

New Report: Let Us Come Home

October 17, 2018New report released today: Washington’s Out-of-State Youth Plead: Let us Come Home Report and Recommendations. Disability Rights Washington (DRW) has completed an investigation of Clarinda Academy, one of the many out-of-state institutions where Washington State has been sending foster youth with behavioral health needs. Learn more...

Policy Goals for the New Access Paratransit Contract

August 28, 2018Disability Rights Washington (DRW), Washington ADAPT West, and the Transit Riders Union have co-released a new report regarding the poor quality of the paratransit services in King County for riders with disabilities who cannot use fixed route buses.

Amicus (“Friend of the Court”) Brief about Court Accommodations for People with Disabilities

February 16, 2018The Washington State Court of Appeals has accepted Disability Rights Washington’s amicus brief regarding the rights of people with disabilities to courtroom accommodations.

Seattle Commits to Ensuring an Accessible City

July 18, 2017SEATTLE – The City of Seattle has settled a landmark class action lawsuit by committing to installing over twenty thousand accessible curb ramps throughout Seattle over the next eighteen years. Curb ramps provide people with mobility disabilities a safe way to get on and off sidewalks as they travel through the pedestrian right of way.

WSBA can no longer discriminate against applicants with mental health disabilities after rule change

September 1, 2016Disability Rights Washington and many other individuals and organizations across Washington and the country think it is wrong to question a lawyer's "fitness" simply because she or he has a mental health disability.

25 Years After ADA Passes, Thousands of Seattle Curbs Still Inaccessible

October 8, 2015SEATTLE – A class action lawsuit filed today in the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington alleges that the City of Seattle has failed to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Rehabilitation Act and state law, which require the City to provide people with mobility disabilities full and equal access to Seattle’s pedestrian right of way through a system of usable and accessible curb ramps.

Regence must cover neurodevelopmental and mental health therapy, no age limit

January 27, 2014SEATTLE - US District Judge Richard A. Jones enjoined Regence Blueshield from excluding coverage of neurodevelopmental therapies to treat mental health conditions for insureds over seven years old.

Systemic overhaul of Medicaid for youth with mental illness

August 30, 2013SEATTLE – “I don’t even know how to be a regular kid anymore,” said Tina Fricke, one of the 10 youth who filed the class action lawsuit T.R. et al. v. Quigley et al. against the state of Washington.

Too little too late

November 19, 2012The state’s abuse response system is largely unresponsive to reports of individuals with intellectual disabilities in Supported Living, who are subject to physical harm, psychological trauma, sexual assault and even death, according to a new report issued by Disability Rights Washington and Columbia Legal Services.

State and children’s advocacy organizations reach interim agreement in lawsuit over children’s mental health

March 26, 2012Two state agencies and several advocacy groups have reached an interim agreement to develop a framework for reforms in the mental health system for children and youth enrolled in Medicaid. The agreement temporarily suspends litigation in a class action lawsuit filed against the Department of Social and Health Services and the Health Care Authority. The interim agreement was reached after 13 months of mediation and provides for planning and infrastructure development to improve services for children and youth with significant mental health needs and their families.

Washington Supreme Court strikes DSHS rules that discriminate against children with disabilities

May 27, 2011Thousands of Washington children with severe disabilities will benefit.