Improving conditions, treatment, services, and reentry for inmates with disabilities

AVID focuses on improving the conditions, treatment, services, and reentry for people with disabilities who are incarcerated in our state’s jails and prisons, as well as those who reside at the Special Commitment Center. AVID works to ensure that those who are reentering the community have their voices heard and their rights protected.

Program Updates

Helen Gebreamlak joins AVID Program

November 30, 2017We are looking forward to Helen’s contributions to AVID’s advocacy of behalf of people with disabilities incarcerated in prisons and jails around the state.

Urgent: U.S. District Court seeks diversion service providers

November 16, 2017The Trueblood U.S. District Court is seeking existing, experienced and appropriately credentialed providers who can provide diversion services.

Forced Medication Behind Bars

June 14, 2016When the AVID Jail Project first began regularly visiting King County Correctional Facility (KCCF) last year, we had no idea that the jail was forcibly medicating some inmates.
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