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Now Hiring: Investigator

August 29, 2023Disability Rights Washington (DRW) seeks an Investigator to uncover and stop possible financial exploitation and other forms of abuse. Learn more and apply today!

Alma Dinsmore

July 28, 2023Alma (she/her) is a recent transplant to Seattle from her hometown of Springfield, Missouri where she received her B.S. in

Now Hiring: Attorney

April 20, 2023Disability Rights Washington (DRW) seeks to fill an attorney position in a new program designed to assist entrepreneurism in the disability community, especially for those with disabilities who are Black, Indigenous, people of color (BIPOC), or transgender who want to start or expand a business but worry about how that could impact their disability-related benefits. Learn more now!

Maren Jensen

December 2, 2021Maren (they/them) joined DRW as an Investigator on the RIAP team after 5 years with Disability Rights California in their

RIAP Welcomes New Investigator, Colleen!

June 17, 2020The Rights Investigation & Accountability Program is happy to welcome Colleen Caffrey as our newest Investigator!

Colleen Caffrey

May 28, 2020Colleen Caffrey joined Disability Rights Washington in May, 2020. She previously worked in administrative and financial management roles for the

RIAP Grew in 2018

January 5, 2019This past August, RIAP gained two Investigators, Nichole Gibson and Brian McQuay. With their help, the program has been able to pursue investigations to ensure that individuals with disabilities have self-determination in personal and financial decisions

New report: No Excuse for Exclusion: Segregation and Subminimum Wage at Rainier

October 30, 2018Residents working at Rainier work in isolated conditions, doing tasks that are not individualized to meet their capabilities, and earn less than minimum wage. Disability Rights Washington provides the latest update on Rainier in “No Excuse for Exclusion.”

No Excuse for Exclusion

October 2018
In No Excuse for Exclusion, Disability Rights Washington provides a look into employment at Rainier, one of Washington’s state-run institutions where people with developmental disabilities live. The report shows people are excluded from working jobs that are integrated in the community, are paid subminimum wage, and are assigned tasks in isolated locations that are not individualized to their abilities.

Nichole Gibson

August 24, 2018Nichole Gibson is currently (2018) earning a Master of Public Administration degree at Eastern Washington University. She graduated in 2017

Congratulations Reisha Abolofia

May 21, 2018Disability Rights Washington is pleased to announce that Reisha Abolofia will direct the new Rights Investigation and Accountability Program. Reisha will lead a team of one staff member from each of Disability Rights Washington’s three offices to ensure that individuals with disabilities have self-determination in personal and financial decisions.

Robin Lehman

April 19, 2018Robin joined Disability Rights Washington in 2018. She is a passionate advocate for disability rights and is currently working on

Let’s Strengthen Protections for Social Security Beneficiaries

January 15, 2018A bill (H.R. 4547) has been drafted to make sure representative payees handle beneficiary's money correctly. With the bill's passage, funds would allow us to meet with Social Security beneficiaries and review the financial records of payees.

How to Change, Remove, or Report a Representative Payee

December 7, 2017This publication is for adult SSA beneficiaries and explains how a beneficiary can ask SSA to change or remove a representative payee and how a beneficiary can report a representative payee for misuse of funds.