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Nondriver Seminar

November 28, 2023rticipants. Participants will include disabled non-drivers and community advocates, while presenters will cover a wide range of transportation and land use topics. By the conclusion of the seminar, the cohort will co-author a list of policy priorities and research topics around land use, planning and transportation.

Seattle Sidewalks – New video series

November 16, 2023o highlight the importance of sidewalks for mobility, we're launching a new video series. Every week, for as long as we can keep it going, we'll be releasing new videos featuring Seattle residents talking about why sidewalk accessibility and connectivity matter to them.

Cecelia Black

November 1, 2023Cecelia joined DRW as an organizer for Disability Mobility Initiative in 2023, where she works with nondrivers to fight for

Empower Movement WA

September 25, 2023Our mission is to champion equitable and inclusive solutions, fostering empowerment through advocacy and the sharing of personal narratives that highlight the importance of safe, and accessible streets, homes, and services for non-driving individuals with disabilities. Our members, who are experts in intersectional mobility issues, are committed to representing a wide range of communities.

Countdown to Week Without Driving 2023

September 21, 2023We are gearing up for this year’s Week Without Driving challenge, which will be held October 2-8, 2023. This is the third year of the #WeekWithoutDriving challenge in Washington State, and the first year that the challenge will take place in communities across the United States. 

We Need a Safe, Accessible and Complete Sidewalk Network

September 18, 2023Just like we can expect our city to build and maintain roads, the same should be true for our sidewalk network. We believe that any time our city repaves a road, the Seattle Department of Transportation should also take action to repair broken and inaccessible sidewalks and install any missing sidewalks along the corridor. 

Week Without Driving Launches Nationally

May 2, 2023The National Coalition for a Week Without Driving announces the first-ever National Week Without Driving challenge, which will be held October 2-8, 2023. 

Driver’s License Requirements Exclude Nondrivers from Employment, Employers Lose Valuable Expertise

February 23, 2023tation industry must stop excluding disabled and BIPOC candidates from employment opportunities with unnecessary driver license requirements. 

Podcast Series: The Road Is the Sidewalk

October 19, 2022The Road is the Sidewalk is a five-part podcast series we produced in collaboration with Zack Hurtz, a blind podcaster from Kitsap County, Washington.

Are you ready? The Week Without Driving starts Monday, September 19 

September 18, 2022 all your activities — not just your work commute. If you normally transport other family members or friends, it applies to those trips too. 

Week Without Driving Participation Doubles, With Participation from Leaders Throughout Washington State

September 13, 2022September 19 kicks off Disability Mobility Initiative’s 2022 Week Without Driving Challenge. Registration has more than doubled since last year’s event, with participation from elected leaders, transportation professionals and transit agencies across the state. 

Fifteen Transit Agencies Endorse Week Without Driving

September 12, 2022Fifteen transit agencies across Washington state have endorsed the Week Without Driving, signing on to a letter where they encourage

Week Without Driving 2022 Announced with Proclamation from Governor Inslee and Video Invite from Washington Elected Leaders

August 1, 2022Governor Jay Inslee has issued a proclamation declaring September 19-25 the Week Without Driving. This is the 2nd annual #WeekWithoutDriving, coordinated by the Disability Mobility Initiative at Disability Rights Washington, with support from dozens of co-hosting organizations from across the state. 

First Annual #WeekWithoutDriving Changes the Conversation

November 11, 2021We are thrilled to share that our first Week Without Driving was a great success! More than 100 elected leaders and transportation professionals joined us, and we are loving reading about their experiences and what they’ve learned.