Black and white photo of a typewriter with a piece of paper with the words, "Write for your rights!"

In this ever-changing world with a lightning-fast news cycle, the stories of disabled people are far too often excluded from the conversations happening in mainstream media. Or, they’re frequently told by people without lived disability experience who misrepresent our realities. The Rooted in Rights Blog is committed to pushing back against exclusion and inaccurate representation by making space for the stories of disabled people—especially multi-marginalized disabled people.  

Remember: every issue is a disability issue because every issue impacts disabled people. If you identify as a person with a disability, we want to give you a platform to tell your story. Help us fill gaps in dialogue around disability and challenge readers to think about disability in new ways. The Rooted in Rights Blog is home to compelling stories that shine a bright spotlight on disability rights issues in all areas of life: the COVID-19 pandemic, racial justice, inclusive employment, accessible housing and transportation, affordable healthcare…the list goes on. Do you have a story to contribute? A new perspective to share? We invite you to pitch us!

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