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Breaking Barriers

6th Annual Fundraiser Supporting Disability Rights Washington

October 21, 2021

A dark blue background with a DRW logo of a white tree and "DRW" below it. To the right of the logo are four pictures. The top left is a photo of Merritt smiling in front of a dark background. The photo to the right of his is of Abby wearing a red jacket and holding her cane in front of plants. The bottom left photo is of John in his wheel chair wearing a top hat and a button up shirt in front of a serene lake and grass. Next to his photo is a picture of Syren wearing a blue shirt that reads, "Disabled Hikers" and sitting on a trail bench in front of a mossy tree. [5]

Following the Leadership of Lived Experience

Disabled leaders are at the center of DRW’s work to create systemic change and build a more inclusive, equitable community.

Above are photos of disabled leaders from our year of advocacy. Top Left to Right: Merritt and Abby. Bottom Left to Right: John and Syren.





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