At its core, COVID-19 is a disability issue that impacts our entire community. That is why DRW is continuing to advocate for the rights of people with disabilities, including those affected by COVID-19 to ensure this crisis does not compromise our right to equitable healthcare, education, and more. We look forward to coming together virtually as our community recovers, and we want you to be there. Please mark your calendar to virtually attend Breaking Barriers on October 2. Together we can provide critical support to the disability community right now, and stay ready for new challenges ahead.

Breaking Barriers 2020

5th Annual Fundraiser Supporting Disability Rights Washington

October 2, 2020

Visit our event website for information about the event, tickets, and sponsorship opportunities.

Image of someone in orange, signing a voting ballot with assistance from DRW staff. Text on top of image reads: "VOTE". Text below image reads: "Voter Outreach - DRW removes barriers to voting and increases voter education, registration, and engagement by and for people with disabilities in Washington. We reach voters in the community, facilities, and jails. Above, a person signs a ballot with assistance from DRW staff.