A group of people outdoors. Some people have white canes, walkers and wheelchairs.
Empower Movement WA members Jaime Torres, Tanisha Sepúlveda, Amara Schermerhorn, Amandeep Kaur, Krystal Monteros, along with Disability Rights’ and America Walks staff.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to champion equitable and inclusive solutions, fostering empowerment through advocacy and the sharing of personal narratives that highlight the importance of safe, and accessible streets, homes, and services for non-driving individuals with disabilities. Our members, who are experts in intersectional mobility issues, are committed to representing a wide range of communities.


We advocate for Inclusive Action through sharing personal stories that provide an insightful connection to the perspective of intersectional community members.

Inclusive Action

Advocating for Disability Rights, Transit Justice, Accessible Sidewalks, and Affordable, Accessible Housing.

Personal Stories

Sharing Intersectional Perspectives:

Amplifying voices from the Disabled Community; representation from experienced transit riders from diverse backgrounds and modes of transportation.

Insightful Connections

Prioritizing Community Access: 

Recognizing the need for Equitable Mobility, Safe Streets, access to Affordable Housing, and innovative solutions involving universal design. Advocating for the accessibility of sidewalks and connection of transit centers to communities with ease and confidence.

In the News

• Seattle Times: “Why You Should Ditch Your Car For A Week In October” column by Naomi Ishisaka (September 25, 2023)

What We Offer

• Educating lawmakers on community priorities

• Access to Community Experts

• Collaboration among disability groups and partner organizations


Abby Griffith – Vancouver

Amandeep Kaur – Everett

Amara Schermerhorn – North Seattle; Kent

Felipe Rodriguez-Flores – Ellensburg

Jaime Torres – Pasco

Jamin Mason – Port Orchard

Jessie Zhang – Seattle

Krystal Monteros – Tacoma

Micah Lusignan – Seattle

Mitchell Chong – Tacoma

Tanisha Sepulvéda – Southwest Seattle

Teaera Turner – Tukwila

Vanessa Pruitt – Kennewick

Contact: tanishas at dr-wa dot org

A group of disabled individuals at a conference table with a Zoom screen behind them.
Empower Movement WA members Tanisha Sepúlveda, Jaime Torres, Amara Schermerhorn, Krystal Monteros, Amandeep Kaur, Abby Griffith, Felipe Rodrigues-Flores (on Zoom) and Vanessa Pruitt at a meeting with State Senator Rebeca Saldaña.