Disability Rights Washington has filed a motion for summary judgment in the Murinko v. Strange lawsuit against the Department of Social and Health Services and Health Care Authority. Although Plaintiff Shawn Murinko began receiving supported living services after DRW filed a motion for preliminary injunctive relief, many other Washingtonians who are enrolled on Medicaid waivers administrated by the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) are still waiting for supported living providers to deliver the residential services that they need in order to live safely in the community. Citing examples and data from DDA, DRW argues that DRW’s constituents can’t avoid being placed in hospitals, institutions, and even jails because DDA is failing to ensure they can promptly access the supported living services they need to be safe and healthy in their own homes. DRW’s motion asserts that this is violating the Medicaid Act and Americans with Disabilities Act, and its motion asks the Court to order the State to stop allowing long service gaps that leave DRW’s constituents at risk of harm or unnecessary institutionalization.

Four people in front of a courthouse entrance, smiling at camera.
Attorneys Susan Kas and Andrew Biviano with Shawn and his wife outside of the US District Court in the Western District of Washington.