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Disability Mobility Initiative 2021-2022 Priorities

Core Priorities

  1. Advocate for every community to have accessible sidewalks, crosswalks and transit stops. 
    1. Advocate for the construction of sidewalks and curb ramps and installation of accessible pedestrian signals, with a focus on areas adjacent to transit stops, schools and community centers.
    2. Advocate for the public maintenance of sidewalks and paths to repair cracks and remove debris and snow/ice. 
  2. Advocate for reliable public transit service in every community, prioritizing the needs of transit-reliant BIPOC and low-income disabled people. 
    1. Advocate for additional progressive revenue to increase transit service areas and frequency, and to support fare-free service that would reduce enforcement disparities and the criminalization of poverty. 
    2. Advocate for additional transit service in lower-cost exurban and rural areas where many low-income disabled and BIPOC people live because of exploding housing costs in urban areas with more reliable transit service. 

Additional Work

  1. Eliminate drivers license requirements in job postings for positions that don’t require driving in both public and private employers. 
  2. Equitable New Mobility: 
    1. Ensure on-demand transportation options such as ride hailing & taxis are accessible for disabled and low-income riders and caregivers.
    2. Ensure delivery robots and micromobility create benefits instead of additional burdens for disabled, BIPOC, low-income and immigrant Washingtonians.