Rally friends and family to raise funds for DRW through your own giving page.

Creating a page is simple and fast, in just 3 easy steps:

  1. Create a giving page
  2. Personalize your giving page
  3. Share your page by email and on social media. 

Disability Rights Washington is here to help. For access needs or other questions, contact Julia Mitsch at juliam@dr-wa.org

Step by Step Guidance:

1) Create a Giving Page

Step One:

a) Click here to join

b) Scroll down and click on the box, “Register as a Fundraising Participant.”

c) Then insert your email and click ‘Continue.’

d) Login or create an account by setting up a password.

Step Two:

a) Enter your personal information, including your address and phone number (optional).

b) Enter your fundraising goal. Your goal is the amount that you hope to raise for DRW through your own page. You can change this goal at any time.

c) (Optional) You also may choose to start your giving page with your own personal donation. A donation from you can motivate your friends and family to give. Gifts of every size make a difference.

d) If you choose to make a personal donation:

Matching Gifts: If your employer will match your donation, check the box, “This donation can be matched.”

Donor Permissions: Check the box if you want to list your name as a donor on event pages. Listing your name is a great way to show your support for DRW! Check the box if you want the amount you donated to appear on event pages.  This is your choice. 

e) Click “Continue” at the bottom of the page.

Step Three:

a) Complete Your Registration: Review your personal information.

If you made a personal donation on the page before, you will enter your credit card payment here.  Then Click “Complete Registration.”

Your registration is complete now. 

2) Personalize Your Giving Page

You can personalize your page by uploading a picture and writing a personal message. 

a) Add your photo: Click on “Upload Your Avatar” and it will take you to your Registration Page. On the upper navigational bar, click on “My Fundraising Tools” and then click on “Edit my Page.” Hover over the round circle of DRW, and click to change your profile pic. Upload a photo. Small square photos work best. If you choose not to upload a picture, a DRW logo will remain on your page.

b) Add a personal message: Personalize your page with a message. Scroll down on your personal page to the box that says “My Personal Fundraising Page” and click on the small wheel that says “edit” when you hover over it.  You can modify the Title and Subtitle. 

Title: You can include your name in the title such as “Jane Doe’s Personal Giving Page for Disability Rights Washington.”

Subtitle: You can insert a personal message about why you support Disability Rights Washington and disability rights and invite others to join you in making a donation today.

c) Save your changes.

3) Share Your Page

Now that your page is complete, you easily can start raising money by sharing it in an email or on Facebook and Twitter.  From your giving page, either click on the buttons to share on Facebook and Twitter or go to “My Fundraising Tools” where you can email or share it on Facebook and Twitter.  If you want to send an email directly from your giving page, you can use the sample template and personalize it as you choose.

View Your Progress

You can see your progress by viewing our Giving Pages.  Here you will see a list of all individual fundraisers who have giving pages. You can select your page by finding your name and avatar (or personal photo). View your page and see your progress. Alternatively, you can visit our Giving Pages, sign back into your account in the upper right hand corner, and then view, edit and share your page. 

Looking for Someone’s Fundraising Page?

To view the total amount raised through giving pages and see all individual fundraisers, click here.  You can visit other fundraiser pages by clicking on their names or photos. 

Thank you for your support of DRW!