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Pratt v. DSHS

In October 2020, the family of JoHanna Pratt, Disability Rights Washington, and Carney Gillespie PLLP filed a suit in Pierce County Superior Court against the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) for neglect, claiming that DSHS wrongfully caused the death of JoHanna Pratt and violated state law against abuse of vulnerable adults.

Jane Doe et al v. Fairfax Behavioral Health

Attorneys from Hagens Berman and Disability Rights Washington filed a class-action complaint on behalf of a proposed class of hundreds of patients that were arbitrarily strip-searched and/or video recorded while receiving treatment for mental illness at Fairfax psychiatric facilities located in Kirkland, Everett and Monroe, WA.

DRW v. Yakima County

In December 2018, Disability Rights Washington’s AVID Program finalized a settlement agreement with Yakima County to improve the conditions for individuals with mental illness and other cognitive disabilities housed at Yakima County Jail. The parties worked under a structured negotiation agreement to resolve the legal claims in a less adversarial and costly manner.

DRW v. Sinclair (formerly DRW v. Inslee)

In April 2018, Disability Rights Washington and co-counsel Paukert and Troppmann filed a federal lawsuit to challenge the Department of Corrections’ practice of housing inmates with mental health needs in overly restrictive custodial settings at the Washington State Penitentiary in Walla Walla. Disability Rights Washington is serving as the organizational plaintiff in this case, which is ongoing.

R.R. v. DSHS

This class action litigation was brought by Disability Rights Washington and co-counsel Carney Gillespie Isitt PLLP in 2017, on behalf of approximately 30 Special Commitment Center (SCC) residents with serious mental illness, developmental and intellectual disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, and other cognitive conditions that make it difficult for them to participate in, and benefit from, the specialized sex offender treatment program offered at the facility. The lawsuit also challenged the harsh, often punitive conditions in which many of these residents were housed.

Reynoldson et al. v. City of Seattle

In July 2017, Disability Rights Washington, along with co-counsel filed a settlement agreement with the City of Seattle. The settlement agreement lays out a plan for Seattle to fulfill the promise of the ADA by ensuring equal access to people with disabilities who live, work, or travel to Seattle.

C.F. v. Lashway

In August 2016, DRW filed an Olmstead lawsuit against the Department of Social and Health Service (DSHS) and the Health Care Authority (HCA). This case is about giving people who wish to live in the community the supports needed to be successful living out of institutions.

A.B. by and through Trueblood v. DSHS

This case was brought forward by Disability Rights Washington, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the Public Defender Association, and Carney Gillespie Isitt PLLP. Class members are all pretrial detainees waiting in jail for court-ordered competency services that DSHS is statutorily required to provide.

Ross v. Inslee

This lawsuit resulted in a settlement agreement between the plaintiffs and DSHS that calls for changes in the treatment and release of NGRI patients.

Dunakin v. Lashway

This lawsuit sought to secure systemic reforms to implement the requirements established under the “Preadmission Screening and Resident Review” or “PASRR” requirements of the federal Nursing Home Reform Act and the “Integration Mandate” of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

T.R. et al. v. Quigley et al.

This case settlement agreement outlines significant reforms to Washington’s public mental health system for children. Under the agreement, the state commits to develop and provide intensive, individualized mental health services to Medicaid-eligible youth in their homes or communities.