The Board of Directors

The Board works primarily on issues related to the governance of Disability Rights Washington.  In collaboration with our Advisory Councils, the Board approves the priorities, policies and annual budget for Disability Rights Washington. The Board is also responsible for strategic planning and oversight of the Executive Director. The Board meets on the first Wednesday evening of March, June, and December, as well as the third Wednesday evening of September.

Nick Allen
Headshot photo of Joshua wearing a navy blue tie and blazer with a white collared shirt beneath, while smiling at camera. He has short red hair.
Joshua Cooper
Todd Couture
Vickie Foster
Camesha Little
Rocio Lopez
Eric Matthes
Angela Mika Holton
Ryan Nabors
Anthony Nash II
Kim Olander Mayer
Ray Parker
Jessica Rafuse
Grace Wang

The Mental Health Advisory Council

The MHAC focuses on mental illness-related issues and meets on first Saturday morning of February, May, August and November.

Adele Barries
Ronita Boullt
Debra Brown
Tarah Dixon
Christina Entrekin Coad
Jessica Goulart
Renee Kimball
Colin McMahon
Srikanth Naidu
Kim Olander Mayer

Alina Swart

The Disability Advisory Council

The DAC focuses on all other disabilities and meets on the first Wednesday evening (beginning at 4:30 PM) of February, May, August and November.

Vickie Beamguard

Todd Couture
Jillian Cutler
Rocio Lopez
Heather Meares
Madison Moreno
Vertesia Payne
Reginald George
Hillary Rossi
Mukti Ryan
Dorian Taylor

All three of the above bodies make occasional changes to their schedules and Disability Rights Washington’s Seattle office is a secure building so one should contact Disability Rights Washington by phone or email prior to attending a meeting. Also, all members receive reimbursement for travel expenses and for members who need them disability-related accommodations are provided.

Complete the Volunteer Application Form to be considered for either the Board of Directors or an Advisory Council position.

Finance and Audit Committee

The Finance and Audit Committee exists to assist the Board in fulfilling its fiduciary oversight responsibilities.

Dan Frein
Pam Kil
Jennifer McAuliffe
James Nida

Development and Awareness Committee

The Development and Awareness Committee exists to help ensure Disability Rights Washington has the financial resources necessary for pursuing our mission through funding raising and outreach activity.

Alexandra Deas
Arielle Inveen
Camesha Little

Lora Mason

Jennifer McAuliffe
Susan Moriarty
Jodi Rose

photo of Julia in front of a white background, wearing a white collared shirt. Julia has long brown hair and brown eyes.

Julia Mitsch
Rachel Saimons
Stacie Siebrecht