2022 Legislative Agenda

These issues have been identified by the AVID Program and its constituents for focus during the 2022 legislative session. This list is not exhaustive and may change as the session progresses. Issues are not listed in a particular order. Items listed under the Lead Agenda are initiatives AVID is leading or working with stakeholders to lead. Items listed under the Support Agenda are led by other entities, but AVID will provide support.

Lead Agenda

1. Restrict the use of solitary confinement in the state’s prisons

2. Privacy protections for people in Washington prisons

Support Agenda

1. Expand opportunities for release from prison and decrease sentence lengths

  • Change the requirements for Extraordinary Medical Placement so that more people with serious chronic medical conditions can be reviewed for release into the community and expand opportunities for review under the clemency board (SB 5036)
  • Expand the rate at which incarcerated people receive earned release time to at least 33% (SHB 1282)
  • Allow sentence review for certain people who were under the age of 25 when their crime was committed (HB 1344)
  • Retroactively eliminate the use of juvenile felonies in the calculation of adult sentences (HB 1413)
  • Allow earned time on sentence enhancements and provide judges greater discretion in imposing enhancements (HB 1169).