Image Description: Picture of the Washington State Capital Building with blue sky behind it. Text over the sky reads, “2023 Legislative Session.” Below picture is the Disability Rights Washington logo with a blue graphic of a tree and the words “Washington’s protection and advocacy system” written underneath.

2023 Legislative Agenda

These issues have been identified by Disability Rights Washington (DRW) Programs and their constituents for focus during the 2023 legislative session. This list is not exhaustive and may change as the session progresses. Issues are not listed in a particular order. Items listed under the Lead Agenda are initiatives DRW is leading or working with stakeholders to lead. Items listed under the Support Agenda are led by another entity, but DRW will provide support.

In addition to these items, DRW will oppose legislation that undermines the self-determination rights of constituents with disabilities, was created about people with disabilities without them, and criminalizes disability. This includes bills related to restrictions on community placement, expansion of guardianship or involuntary treatment, and creation of new institutions or carceral settings.

Lead Agenda

1. Nothing About Us Without Us Act (HB 1541)

2. Eliminate the use of isolation in schools (HB 1479)

3. Restrict the use of solitary confinement in Washington (HB 1087)

4. Implement Trueblood lawsuit settlement, including necessary resources and effective jail diversion

Support Agenda

1. Not Guilty By Reason of Insanity (NGRI) representation request (Office of Public Defense)

2. Participate in Washington Coalition on Police Accountability (WCPA) Legislative Agenda

3. Scheduled closure of state institutions for people with Developmental Disabilities

4. Grassroots lobbying legislation from Public Disclosure Commission

5. Support increased access to the ballot for eligible people incarcerated in jail

6. Accessible Ballot Return.

7. Medicaid-Medicare Cliff: Fixing Medicare affordability

8. Maintaining and expanding reproductive and abortion services

9. Expand local jurisdiction to approve name changes

10. Expand opportunities for release from prison and decrease sentence lengths

11. DRW closely follows the Washington Low-Income Housing Alliance’s agenda.

Monitoring and Encouraging Story Sharing

1. Eliminating free right turn on reds

2. Growth Management Act (GMA)

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Updated: 1/27/23