Tell us what to do.

Disability Rights Washington’s Board of Directors wants to know what you think we should advocate for. The board will think about your input and the input of others. They will use that information to create advocacy priorities. These priorities control what our staff do and do not advocate for.

Fill out this quick survey to tell us what we need to advocate for to make Washington a better place for disabled people. Fill out the Priority Setting Survey Here.

Three people on sidewalk. Person on the left is using a cane. Person in middle is in a wheelchair.
Image Description: Three Black and disabled folx smiling at each other while strolling down a sidewalk side by side. On the left, a non-binary person walks with a cane in one hand and a tangle stim toy in the other. In the middle, another non-binary person rolls along in their power wheelchair. On the right, a woman walks and gestures. Photo taken by Chona Kasinger and provided by Disabled and Here.