Experts have told us that they can discern within minutes whether any given long-term care environment is the type that truly supports self-determination and self-advocacy for residents. People in long-term care deserve privacy, freedom, respect, and every chance to pursue a fully engaged adult life. Our new video shows “Welcome Indicators” that can help you tell right off the bat whether or not an environment is the kind that regards and facilitates its residents.


WELCOME INDICATORS:  What Does Self-Determination Look Like in LTC?


The Alliance to End Sexual Violence in Long-Term Care

The Alliance helps create networks of providers; long-term care residents; individuals with disabilities; and anti-sexual assault, long-term care, and disability advocates who have the ability to create long-term care environments that are respectful and safe.  A primary focus is restoring trust in the system through authentic long-term care system reform and transformation, infused with cultural and disability humility, empowering residents and champions at every level to act against sexual violence.