What is Advocacy?

Advocacy is problem solving used to:

  • protect rights
  • stop discrimination
  • prevent abuse
  • ensure fair, equal and humane treatment
  • improve services
  • gain eligibility to services
  • change the amount or quality of services
  • make sure services meet the needs of an individual
  • remove barriers which prevent access to full  participation in community life.

Change for the better will not happen without advocacy.  Advocacy is the tool people use in our democracy to bring about improvements.  People with disabilities have seen major changes in laws, the service system, and public attitudes in recent years.  Communities have begun to see that people with disabilities have a right to fully participate in all aspects of life.  This awakening began, with great effort and behind-the-scenes preparation, because people with disabilities have decided for themselves it is time to use advocacy for change.

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Always advocate in a timely manner. Please be aware that there are certain time limits or deadlines to file a complaint, a lawsuit, or take legal action.

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