Seattle special education concerns ignite media

October 23, 2012

Both Seattle's National Public Radio (NPR) affiliate, KUOW, and the Seattle Times launched stories this week detailing the shortcomings of Seattle's special education system.  Stories chronicle individualized education plans that were not followed and years of advocacy trying to acquire, but going without needed services.  At issue also, was services were provided in segregated and overly-secluded settings.

“It is great that Seattle Public Schools want to provide students with disabilities education in integrated settings," said legal director David Carlson in response to the media. "Not only is that what the law requires, but more importantly it is an acknowledgement of the old adage that separate is not equal.  However, this story highlights that a school cannot simply integrate students by ignoring their disabilities.  Schools need to support teachers to provide students with disabilities the specialized instruction they need to succeed in the classroom.”


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