Rooted in Rights

Rooted in Rights (formerly DisAbility Rights Galaxy) is the video and social media project of DRW. Rooted in Rights provides disability rights content in a variety of ways: blog posts, videos, discussion boards, social media posts, etc. The content fosters conversations on multiple levels, from local to international, so individuals can recognize and craft their place in the larger disability rights movement. Understanding events and opportunities around the country and the world will effect and empower Rooted in Rights visitors to advocate various issues affecting people with disabilities. The Rooted in Rights platforms include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and a website.  Want to support Rooted in Rights? Head over to Patreon.

Rooted in Rights Mission

To tell authentic, accessible stories that empower our community to advocate for disability rights.

Rooted in Rights Mission Values

Human Rights

We are rooted in rights because we believe all people deserve equal rights, and our work is dedicated to the people, communities and causes that seek to guarantee those rights for everyone, everywhere.

Authentic storytelling

We believe storytelling is how audiences are educated and energized. In the spirit of “nothing about us without us,” the stories we tell must be authentic representations of the people and communities we serve.

Accessible creativity

We are dedicated to making content accessible and creative at the same time. All of our creative content is made with maximum accessibility in mind so that as many of our audience members as possible can engage with the content. Please report any issues you’ve experienced while accessing videos, blogs, website or social media networks, and send us suggestions for improvement by sending an email to [email protected].

Empowered advocacy

Our content supports efforts to defend and advocate for the rights of people with disabilities and empowers our audience to create change through online and offline advocacy.

Summary of work: 

Milestone: December 2016

The Rooted in Rights website won the Accessibility Category for the 2016 Australian Web Awards.

Milestone: September 2016

Rooted in Rights' short documentary, The Right to be Rescued, is an official selection for the 30th Anniversary Superfest: International Disability Film Festival and for the 5th Annual Social Justice Film Festival.

Milestone: May 2015

Galaxy changed its name to Rooted in Rights. An Instagram page is added, and a larger social media presence spreads to increase awareness and provide a larger platform for discussion of how disability rights are human rights.

Milestone: June 2012

DisAbility Rights Galaxy was one of reasons cited for DRW receiving a TASC Advocacy Award from the National Disability Rights Network in June of 2012.

Milestone: May 2012

DisAbility Rights Galaxy staff produced three original advocacy related videos posted to DisAbility Rights Galaxy and DRW platforms. Two videos related to medical discrimination with a particular emphasis on the “Ashley Treatment”. One focused on the budget crisis in Washington State.

Milestone: June 5, 2011

DisAbility Rights Galaxy launched June 5, 2011. In its first year there were 26,522 unique visitors and Galaxy is now averaging over 3,000 unique visitors per month on its website from 161 countries and 52 U.S. states or territories. 26% of the unique visitors were from Washington State, 56% from other U.S. states or territories, and 18% from other countries.