The Ashley Treatment: Medical Procedures that Violate Civil Rights

Since 2007, DRW has been following instances of procedures like the Ashley treatment, and unwanted or unwarranted medical procedures, performed on persons with disabilities, without knowledge, or consent or against one's wishes.  

In some cases, life-saving treatment was withheld from individuals with disabilities, when one's condition was not terminal. This resulted in death. In other cases, individuals unknowingly or forcibly had procedures performed, such as sterilization, when child-rearing may have been possible was desired.  


Advocates worked with DRW to develop a video, Ashley's Rights, in response to the Ashley treatment, the investigation that started it all. 

Summary of work: 

Milestone: May 2012

Disability Rights Washington, along with the National Disability Rights Network, initiated a legal review of many of these cases, to examine medical procedures that violate one's civil rights. The result is the report, "Devaluing people with disabilities: Medical procedures that violate civil rights."