A charge to protect and advocate civil and human rights of people with disabilities: this was the genesis of the protection and advocacy system, enacted by Congress in 1975. This charge has become embedded in all of our work, be it grassroots leadership development, litigation, public policy, systemic reform, coalition-building, self-advocacy development or community education.

Our name and infrastructure have changed with time. Our advocacy and business strategies have developed. The economy has flourished or languished and politics have swept like a pendulum through the years. But we are steadfast in our disability civil rights movement. While what it takes to promote the civil and human rights of people with disabilities may have changed over the last few decades; what it means to promote these rights has not. We are rooted in rights.

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Disability Rights Washington (DRW) formerly known as the Troubleshooters and Washington Protection and Advocacy System, has had three names. For presentation purposes, the name DRW is used throughout this timeline to avoid confusion except to note when the name changes occurred.