Advocates Push Back Against Medicaid Myths

 paper cutout of an umbrella with the word Medicaid, covering a family and a house

by Andy Jones
July 28, 2017

Disability Rights Ohio released a new booklet July 7, seeking to dispel myths about the federal Medicaid program. 

"There’s a lot of misinformation about what Medicaid can do — and it can do a lot," DRO wrote in the pamphlet. "Thanks to Medicaid, 3 million Ohioans receive needed medical care, supports and services. 

"Because so many people in our communities – and often our loved ones – benefit from Medicaid services, we believe it’s crucial to rally together in support of these essential programs. Disability Rights Ohio’s #MedicaidMyths campaign educates the public about the wide reach of critical Medicaid programs, dispels the misinformation, and highlights the undeniable harm Medicaid cuts will inflict on millions of Ohioans and their families." 

Medicaid is by far the nation's largest health insurer for people with disabilities. In Ohio alone, nearly 40,000 people are recipients of Medicaid home and community based waivers, which allows them to live in more integrated community settings, instead of in institutions.

In particular, DRO highlights the importance of Medicaid for people receiving long-term home care services, home care, in-school services and addiction treatment services. 

DRO's Busting Medicaid Myths booklet is available here

You can see more information on the Disability Rights Ohio's #MedicaidMyths series at this website.

Disability Rights Washington and the Disability Rights Ohio are the designated protection and advocacy agencies in Washington and Ohio, respectively, and are members of the National Disability Rights Network.