It seems easy, but for many with disabilities, this fundamental human right is difficult to secure. People with disabilities may wrestle with autonomy in decisions as basic as what or when to eat, when lights are on or off, or even what to wear. Rights many take for granted every day - to vote, to enter into relationships, to bear and raise children, to purchase a car or home - may be jeopardized on the basis of disability alone.

Self-determination includes all choices humans make, big and small. Inherent in these choices is the right to take risks and even fail. Not all choices bring desired outcomes; but failure often yields valuable experience and opportunity. DRW advances an understanding of self-determination and supported decision-making, with opportunities and safeguards. This way individuals with disabilities can follow their dreams, direct individual lives, and attain self-actualization with respect and autonomy. 

Man using a wheelchair dribbles basketball across court.
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Man using a wheelchair dribbles basketball across court.

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