Image from DDA Guideline Meeting Minutes Presentation
Washington State’s Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) has gathered a constituent stakeholder group to look at the Residential Service Guidelines and the County Guidelines and develop recommendations for the DDA management team. The working group is to provide a draft set of...
Photo of conference participants watching a panel discussion.
DRW staff attorneys Susan Kas and Reisha Abolofia are in Memphis, TN attending The Association for Successful Parenting (TASP) “A Chance to Parent” Conference. The 2015 TASP Conference has two tracks-- one for parents and one for professionals. Susan and Reisha will be attending one of the many...
5/11/2015 You may be familiar with DisAbility Rights Galaxy, a project of Disability Rights Washington. On May 12, 2015 we changed the name to Rooted in Rights. View the transition video here:
Washington Allies in Advocacy came together to assess the disability rights movement in Washington.
The documentary "Questions of Discrimination" portrays national and state disability advocates discussing the impact these questions have on applicants and diversity in the legal profession. No one should be forced to choose between the ability to practice law and their rights to privacy and to be...
Washington psychiatric hospital patients, while advocating for their treatment, have landed a documentary in the Tacoma Film Festival.
Evergreen State College in Olympia hosted the 12th Annual Washington State Youth Leadership Forum (YLF) for high school students with disabilities July 28 through Aug. 2, 2013.
Sanka party's diagram of lost privileges.
Advocates start with coffee privileges, then tackle legislative hearing  From inside the walls of Western State Hospital, advocacy that began with an attempt to restore coffee privileges has evolved to proposed legislation. This comes with the unprecedented possibility that hospital residents will...
A group of representatives from state advocacy organizations has formed a task force to evaluate the progression of Washington’s disability rights movement. 
DRW updates
Late January, several international visitors visited Disability Rights Washington to learn about how the organization advocates for the rights people with disabilities.