In a new report released June 13, in Washington state, the King County Auditor’s Office slammed the County’s paratransit system, criticizing it for increased costs and constantly failing to maintain predictable schedules for riders.
Disability Rights North Carolina filed a class-action lawsuit in state court May 24, accusing the state of systematically failing to operate services that provide for people with disabilities to live independently.
The Department of Health and Human Services announced May 9 that states will have an additional three years to comply with new regulations designed to incentivize further deinstitutionalization of Medicaid-funded long-term services for people with disabilities.
The National Disability Rights Network is applauding a new bill in Congress that seeks to end a federal program that allows certain employers to pay people with disabilities subminimum wages.
Disability Rights California and three California agencies released a comprehensive blueprint for assisting people receiving supported employment services with transitioning into the competitive economy.
Disability Rights Nebraska released a new position paper May 9, urging the state to follow through on a proposed plan to close Nebraska’s largest state-run institution for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Over the outcry of disability rights advocates nationwide, the United States House of Representatives voted 217-213 on May 4 to pass the American Health Care Act, rolling back most of the new protections for people with disabilities enacted under the 2010 Affordable Care Act and imposing...
Equip for Equality and the ACLU of Illinois filed a complaint in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois on April 7, seeking to enforce a 2011 consent decree concerning the state's funding of home and community based services for people with disabilities.
Disability Rights Tennessee, working with five other advocacy groups, released a new white paper March 21, about supported decision-making, for people with disabilities in need of assistance, but capable of making their own choices.