Some jail inmates are forced to take antipsychotic medication against their will at King County Correctional Facility in Seattle. How does the jail decide to force medication? Do inmates have a say at all? Check out the whole story in this new Amplifying the Voices of Inmates with Disabilities (...
Jail inmate in orange jumpsuit speaking to video camera for AVID video.
The AVID (Amplifying Voices of Inmates with Disabilities) Jail Project of Disability Rights Washington works on behalf of inmates with mental illness in several local jails. As Washington’s protection and advocacy agency, Disability Rights Washington is in a unique position to bring recording...
Across the state, there are extended delays in the evaluation of the competency of defendants to stand trial. This results in long stays in jail for many people with disabilities – especially mental illness, developmental disabilities, and traumatic brain injuries – where their ability to assist...
The conditions and legal issues faced by inmates are featured on two new videos created by DRW's AVID prison project. These are the first of several videos that the project plans to issue.
The Amplifying Voices of Inmates with Disabilities (AVID) Prison Project of DRW focuses on the needs of inmates with disabilities who are incarcerated in our state prisons and those who are reentering the community, ensuring that their voices are heard and their rights protected.
Tommy Manning, shown here on the capitol steps, was a proud advocate of SB5551.
New law tackles wait times for those with disabilities who are incarcerated and awaiting competency evaluations.
DRW staff attorney Emily Cooper discusses conditions in jail for those who are waiting for competency evaluations, in this DRW video that accompanies the report, Lost and Forgotten.   Video: Lost and Forgotten: Conditions of confinement 
When people who experience mental illness find themselves in Washington’s jails, they may also find themselves waiting -- without a conviction and without mental health care -- as days turn to weeks or months.   DRW’s recently-released report, Lost and Forgotten, chronicles the experiences of...
Smashed stopwatch.
The release of the DRW report, Too Little Too Late, stirred media and social network outlets, prompting a formal state response during Gov. Gregoire’s December budget press conference.  The November report highlighted state failure to respond to the abuse and neglect of individuals with...