She is one of four new Gender and Justice Commissioners. The Gender and Justice Commission provides a leadership role in helping eliminate gender discrimination and bias in Washington State courts.
Our Amplifying Voices of Inmates with Disabilities Project's short documentary On the Outs: Reentry for Inmates with Disabilities is an official selection for the upcoming Social Justice Film Festival. This year, the theme of the Social Justice Film Festival is "The #Resistance," and will present...
Today, the Legal Foundation of Washington Board of Trustees announced its 2018 Charles A. Goldmark Distinguished Service Award Winners. The recipients of the awards are: The Washington State Attorney General's Office (AGO) and the Northwest Immigrant Right's Project (NWIRP).
Inmates in North Carolina’s network of county run jails are committing suicide at strikingly high rates, and the state is doing little to prevent it, Disability Rights North Carolina alleges in a new report released August 9.
Each year, thousands of individuals are sitting for weeks and even months for competency services in jails across the state. None of these people have actually been convicted of any crime, but they are held in jails ill-equipped to meet their mental health needs even though a court has ordered that...
The Advocacy Center of Louisiana and the McArthur Justice Center of New Orleans filed a federal lawsuit July 20, accusing the Louisiana Department of Corrections of obstructing an investigation into the treatment of inmates with disabilities at the David Wade Correctional Center.
Following through on changes spurred by a lawsuit from Disability Rights Vermont, the Vermont Departments of Corrections and Mental Health have finalized a new agreement that aims to provide timely, comprehensive treatment for inmates with mental illness.
Disability Rights Florida and the Florida Department of Corrections announced a comprehensive settlement on July 12, resolving a class-action lawsuit alleging a range of dangerous conditions in the state’s prison system.
In a 302-page ruling issued June 27, a federal district court found that the state of Alabama’s mental health care for inmates is “horrendously inadequate” and systematically violates the Eighth Amendment's prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment.