Health care

Disability Rights Ohio released a new booklet July 7, seeking to dispel myths about the federal Medicaid program. "There’s a lot of misinformation about what Medicaid can do — and it can do a lot," DRO wrote in the pamphlet. "Thanks to Medicaid, 3 million Ohioans receive needed medical care,...
Following through on changes spurred by a lawsuit from Disability Rights Vermont, the Vermont Departments of Corrections and Mental Health have finalized a new agreement that aims to provide timely, comprehensive treatment for inmates with mental illness.
Children and youth with involved mental health needs can, with appropriate treatment, engage in school and community and live and grow at home. Without appropriate services, these youth risk cycling in and out of hospitals, foster care and the juvenile justice system. Keywords: "T.R.", Kids mental...
In a 302-page ruling issued June 27, a federal district court found that the state of Alabama’s mental health care for inmates is “horrendously inadequate” and systematically violates the Eighth Amendment's prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment.
The disAbility Law Center of Virginia released a new report May 22, finding that at least six people suffered preventable deaths between March 2015 and May 2016 because of urinary tract and other infections at a state facility.
Over the outcry of disability rights advocates nationwide, the United States House of Representatives voted 217-213 on May 4 to pass the American Health Care Act, rolling back most of the new protections for people with disabilities enacted under the 2010 Affordable Care Act and imposing...
A federal judge on April 19 granted a request for a preliminary injunction from Disability Rights Oregon, resetting hours for in-home care services recently cut by the state’s Medicaid agency for thousands of people with disabilities.
New regulations went into effect March 27 that disability advocates fear will make it significantly more difficult for people to obtain approvals in Social Security disability benefits proceedings.
The Arizona Center for Disability Law has reached a settlement with the state Medicaid agency and an insurance provider to provide a life-saving breastmilk formula for an 18-month-old child with disabilities.
A federal court has signed off on a settlement with disability advocates in Oregon and Providence Health Care, ending a long-running dispute over its coverage of applied behavioral therapy, the primary treatment for young children with autism.