Freedom from abuse and neglect

A DRW court victory this summer, in the ongoing monitoring of Marr v. Eastern State Hospital, reminds us that dire dollars are not the only way to make a difference, when providing services for people with disabilities.
Recent investigations reveal continued abuse of restraint and seclusion for youth with disabilities in institutions. DRW continues to work with organizations to employ safe restraint or seclusion, only as permitted by law.
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This quick primer illustrates how protection and advocacy systems, like DRW, are sanctioned by law to access facilities and records when investigating the abuse and neglect of people with disabilities.
A bill of rights for adults and enhanced investigations are among several changes proposed to improve the state's abuse response system.
DRW updates
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Kids MH lawsuit sees a victory as judge certifies that the plaintiffs represent a class, implicating systemic reform as litigation continues. Read more about the lawsuit and read the press release.  Read the order granting class certification.  
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A senior citizen sits in a wheelchair facing down a nursing home hallway.
Investigative journalist Michael J. Berens released another in a series of Seattle Times' articles outlining abuse and neglect in adult family homes, as DRW continues to meet with the Department of Social and Health Services' Secretary Susan Dreyfus to address concerns.  To read these articles, the...
Last week US House of Representative members passed HR 4247, Keeping All Students Safe, to end abusive restraint and seclusion practices in American special education programs. The legislation came on the heels of the National Disability Rights Network report, “School is Not Supposed to Hurt” which...
DRW updates
Emily Cooper, Investigator at DRW.
Emily Cooper reflects upon her transition to role of DRW investigator.
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An abuse and neglect inquiry at a Washington treatment center for young adults turns into a battle over DRW's federally-granted authority to investigate. DRW wins.
Obama's Hate Crimes Legislation, the first ever study of victimization of persons with disabilities, and an annual collaborative Washington conference have the same goal in mind: end discrimination and abuse, and promote the safety and welfare of people with disabilities.