Freedom from abuse and neglect

The disAbility Law Center of Virginia released a new report May 22, finding that at least six people suffered preventable deaths between March 2015 and May 2016 because of urinary tract and other infections at a state facility.
The Department of Health and Human Services announced May 9 that states will have an additional three years to comply with new regulations designed to incentivize further deinstitutionalization of Medicaid-funded long-term services for people with disabilities.
Over the outcry of disability rights and civil liberties advocates, on May 10, Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a two-page memorandum to the nation’s 5,000 federal prosecutors, ordering them to pursue mandatory minimum sentences to the maximum extent permitted by the law.
Disability Rights New York issued a new report April 21, documenting its findings of abuse and neglect at a New York State elementary school, as well as changes the school district has made to address these concerns.
Disability Rights New York has filed a lawsuit against two staff members at a state Intermediate Care Facility, who allegedly released confidential information and spread false rumors on Facebook about a former patient.
In a new report released April 26, Disability Rights Oregon criticized the Oregon Department of Corrections for failing to make progress with many of the terms of a year-old settlement concerning the treatment of inmates with mental illness.
Disability Rights Maine released a new report April 19, documenting the results and defects of a now four-year-old law limiting the use of restraint and seclusion of students in schools.
The Colorado Child Safety Coalition released an extensive new report and video, March 2, uncovering extensive use of dangerous practices regularly used by the Division of Youth Correction Services against youth in the state’s juvenile facilities.
Recently, Thomas Andres was arrested in the Tri-Cities area while experiencing a mental health crisis. His mother told a news reporter that she had reached out to the crisis center two times prior to his arrest. This news comes one year after Marc Moreno’s death, and this week, on March 14, he...