Community living

Whether one has dementia, brain injury, or a psychiatric, intellectual or physical disability, community-based living is possible for people with even the most significantly-involved disabilities.
A rash of reassessments for kids' Medicaid personal care realizes, for many, care hour reductions. Answers to these frequently-asked-questions illustrate why reassessments are happening, what one can do if assessed hours don't meet care needs, and what DRW is doing to address base hour reductions.
The case behind the suitcases:A vision to build viable, innovative, inclusive communities. LAKE FOREST PARK  -  "There ARE ways. There are other ways, creative ways, ways to sustain community supports at their current levels," said Live Inclusive founder Michael Goodwill.
Read in-depth perspective of the state's mandated move from agency to individual providers, and what that really means for those who depend on personal care.
They walked into the mental institution in one direction, and their suitcases went another, to be lost, unopened in an attic. Years later, these suitcases comprise the Willard Exhibit, coming in January to the University of Washington in Seattle. See how these lost memoirs sparked a community...
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A tall house seen across water, with tree in foreground.
America's empty promise to give the elderly and those with disabilities a choice.  For many, despite their wishes, skilled nursing facilities continue to be the place called home. Here's a look behind-the-scenes at policy, laws, and the civil rights movement to live in a home and not a facility. ...
DRW updates
For Washingtonians on home and community-based service waivers through the Division of Developmental Disabilities, DRW and CLS will be conducting a review of supported living services as part of its Boyle monitoring efforts. DRW is also developing other employment related projects outside of the...
Proposed legislation to close and consolidate state residential habilitation centers (RHCs) has seemed to grind to a standstill, until it was deemed necessary to implement the budget. Now, as the Senate, House and Governor’s budget proposals are meshed, a sticking point remains: What to do with the...
Public policy
Legislative-directed study proposes consolidation and closure of State Residential Habilitation Centers, with stable community placement.
Public policy
Developmental disabilities institutions are very expensive. People can be served well in the community at much lower cost. Institutions have vacancies, and it makes economic sense to close and consolidate them to more efficiently use State resources. In her budget, the Governor proposed closing...