Community living

Disability Rights Ohio released a new booklet July 7, seeking to dispel myths about the federal Medicaid program. "There’s a lot of misinformation about what Medicaid can do — and it can do a lot," DRO wrote in the pamphlet. "Thanks to Medicaid, 3 million Ohioans receive needed medical care,...
Children and youth with involved mental health needs can, with appropriate treatment, engage in school and community and live and grow at home. Without appropriate services, these youth risk cycling in and out of hospitals, foster care and the juvenile justice system. Keywords: "T.R.", Kids mental...
Protection and Advocacy for People with Disabilities released a new report June 9, slamming South Carolina's system of specialized job centers for people with disabilities.
In a new report released June 13, in Washington state, the King County Auditor’s Office slammed the County’s paratransit system, criticizing it for increased costs and constantly failing to maintain predictable schedules for riders.
Disability Rights North Carolina filed a class-action lawsuit in state court May 24, accusing the state of systematically failing to operate services that provide for people with disabilities to live independently.
The Jacksonville City Council approved an agreement with disability rights organizations on May 23, settling lawsuits concerning the City’s prior decision to rescind a previously approved supportive housing complex.
The Department of Health and Human Services announced May 9 that states will have an additional three years to comply with new regulations designed to incentivize further deinstitutionalization of Medicaid-funded long-term services for people with disabilities.
The nation’s largest coalition of disability rights groups is urging support for a new bill that aims to create a “national strategy” for supporting family caregivers.
Disability Rights California and three California agencies released a comprehensive blueprint for assisting people receiving supported employment services with transitioning into the competitive economy.
Disability Rights Nebraska released a new position paper May 9, urging the state to follow through on a proposed plan to close Nebraska’s largest state-run institution for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.