Board and Councils

Our Board of Directors and Advisory Councils reflect diverse groups of people from across Washington State. DRW actively recruits and elects members who are, or have been, a person with a disability or family members of a person with a disability, and in these efforts endeavors to reflect the diversity of disability, race, and ethnicity in our society. To be considered for either the Board of Directors or an Advisory Council position, please complete the Volunteer Application Form

To submit the application, or if you need this document in an alternative format, please send a message to

Advisory Councils

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The primary role of our advisory councils is to make recommendations regarding DRW's priorities and policies as well as evaluate the effectiveness of our advocacy. Both councils devote significant time to discussing the issues and problems facing people with disabilities.

The Mental Health Advisory Council (MHAC) focuses on mental illness-related issues and meets quarterly on the first Saturday of the month beginning in February. Travel expenses and disability-related accommodations are provided by DRW.

The Disability Advisory Council (DAC) focuses on all other disabilities and meets quarterly in the evening of the first Wednesday of the month beginning in February. Travel expenses and disability-related accommodations are provided by DRW.

Board of Directors

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The Board of Directors works primarily on issues related to the governance of our nonprofit organization.  In collaboration with our advisory councils, they approve the priorities, policies and budget for DRW.  In contrast to the councils, much of the Board’s time is spent on governance matters including reviewing and approving the work delegated to the councils, officers, other committees, Executive Director, and staff at DRW. 

The Board generally meets quarterly in the evening of the last Wednesday of the month beginning in March. Travel expenses and disability-related accommodations are provided by DRW.

DRW Board Finance, Audit, and Development Committee

This committee is made up of one or two members from the DRW Board of Directors and one or two additional non-board member volunteers.  Strong candidates for this committee will have skills and experiences that will help DRW manage its current financial resources and increase its impact through the development of additional funds.

This small committee meets 4 times a year.  As the name suggests, this committee has three core functions: 

Ensure that the Board of Directors is trained on its financial responsibilities, and review of compliance with the financial requirements;

Review of agency’s audited financial statements, and assist in selection of a new auditing firm when appropriate; and

Advise the Board on the development of additional financial resources though fundraising and grant seeking.

Public Comment

Part of DRW's Board meetings are set aside for public comment.  If you'd like to attend an upcoming meeting, please contact us to verify the date and your desire to attend. 

Meetings are held in our Seattle office which is in a secured building. You must notify us in order to attend a meeting.

2017 Board of Directors Meetings  

March 1, 2017
June 7, 2017
September 22 or 23, 2017 (specific date To Be Decided)
December 6, 2017

Position Statements

DRW and the Board of Directors have taken positions on the following important issues: