Education for students with disabilities is relatively new, compared to other civil rights.  Only within the last 40 years has the right for students with disabilities to attend public school been federally recognized.  There are still individuals with disabilities in older generations who never had any formal education.

There's work to be done in education.  Special education laws include a jumble of acronyms and statutes that don't always seem to mesh with broader education laws.  The laws that protect important rights of students with disabilities are still evolving.  When public policy makers and education administrations are at work, the rights of students with disabilities are not always immediately recognized.  Funding streams ebb and flow with the economy and state and federal budgets, and have yet to see full funding.  Kids with disabilities in many areas are still overly segregated.

Dedicated parents, teachers, advocates and organizations work to advance the rights of students with disabilities.  DRW works collaboratively with these groups to focus efforts on systemic change in education.

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Blank paper fills a composition notebook.

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